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Color Stain
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Bring the sea to Mé

In my trawling of the internet, I occassionally find interesting, thought provoking, or downright weird things.

Here is one such thing.


In 2019, the Mori Art museum in Tokyo displayed a fascinating exhibit.


A hauntingly beautiful snapshot of the sea. Rippling ocean waves caught in a single moment. I desperately want to walk on it, look through that icy surface to see if there are creatures below. Feel the texture with my toes.

The blue chosen is such a good representation of the depths; a subject that fascinates me. Often in my dreams I am sinking below the waves, watching the colour change as I drift away from the light. When I was young, I would go to the swimming pool and sit on the bottom for as long as I could. The feeling of even pressure, silence, and blue light soothing me more than anything else could.

This sculpture reminds me of those times.

As above, so below.


And finally, here is a song that fills the same emotional space as this sculpture for me.

I hope you enjoy.

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