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Valentine's crafts

Updated: May 6, 2023

I run a craft group on Monday's in my community centre. It's not been hugely popular so far, and the last 2 weeks nobody has come at all. That hurts a bit I'll be real. I hope with consistency, interesting crafts and more promotion, word of mouth will let more people hear about it!

Anyway, last week I designed this cute little crochet bag and card set that we could make in the session. The bag took maybe an hour (I'm quite a slow crocheter), and the card less than 10 minutes if all the materials are prepped beforehand.


However, in the last few days I've encountered

a problem.


These little cards are too damn cute, and I keep making them with loads of variations. They're only about 4cm tall! I can't send these in the post, can you imagine the cost with today's prices? I have no idea what to do with all these tiny cards. They're not of a good enough quality or consistency that I'd want to put them on the Etsy shop, and I don't know NEAR enough people to give them out myself


If YOU have an idea of what to do with these adorable damn things, please let me know before they overrun my craft room.

Good lord there's already so many.

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